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Top 5 Tips To Rank Up Fast In Rocket League Season 2 (2021)

12/10/2020 6:11:10 PM

Season 1 is over, do you have any regrets about your ranking? Want to improve your ranking faster in Rocket League Season 2? Here we give you Top 5 useful tips to help you rank fast in the new season to win rewards! 

How To Rank Up Fast In Rocket League New Season 2?

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Tip 1 - Fix Your Mindset

Blaming yourself for every goal you get scored on because it is very very effective at helping you get better fast. But it also happens to be the hardest tip for people to fully understand because everyone loves to blame their teammates and never wants to take responsibility for their own mistakes. Take your EGO burn it in a fire and just accept that every goal scored against you is your fault and there's probably something you could have done to avoid that from happening. 

Tip 2 -  Increase Your Speed Around The Map

Most players under diamond are very unfamiliar with going fast and this leads to a lot of goals getting scored on you because you simply can't get back in time. So what we are about to show you is the best drill to increase your speed. There are three variations to this beginner, intermediate and advanced:

  • - For beginners, go into free play and hold down boost the entire time (like literally the entire time), don't let it go for any reason. All you're doing is driving around full speed and tap the ball around the field and remember to make big wide turns in order to keep hitting the ball.

  • - For intermediate variation, you're still going to hold boost but now you alternate between a simple tap and a flip into the ball. So full speed tap the ball, flip into the ball, tap the ball, flip, and so on. 

  • - For the advanced variation, go full speed and focus on hitting powerful sideswipes, what this means is side flipping into the ball as you're turning to give it more speed. To do this, the ball needs to be bouncing so if it's rolling give it a small tap to make it bounce again and then go for a sideswipe. You should also pre-jump for bounces that you normally wouldn't pre-jump for and go for every shot without hesitating to keep your speed up. 

Keep in mind this drill is going to feel very weird for a lot of players because you're probably not used to going this fast, but if it feels weird that just means you need to do this more. We suggest doing this in-between every game because you will start to fall back into your old slow gameplay if you don't do this enough. So the more you do this, the more you get comfortable playing like this in actual games.

Tip 3 - Work On Your Recover

Now that you're comfortable playing faster, it's time to keep that speed up even when you make mistakes, everybody has those days. Recovery is all about minimizing your mistakes and there's no way you're going to completely eliminate mistakes but you can turn a big mistake into a small mistake if you have a good recovery. For example, if you whiff a shot but have a good recovery,  you can be back on defense in a few seconds to save the ball; but if you have a bad recovery you'll be flopping around completely useless and probably get scored on. So it's important to always work on your recovery and here's how to do it for beginner intermediate and advanced:

  • - For beginners, it's mainly about increasing your speed. If you see an attack forming, you need to go back as fast as you can, that means using your boost and flips to go fast and get back on defense. It does not mean slowly driving back without using boost or flips, you need to go back as fast as you can.

  • - For intermediates, you are going to work on using your boost and holding powerslide. So instead of floating in the air after a whiff or bump, waiting to land again use your boost in the air to land on a surface faster that way you can drive back on defense. You also need to get comfortable holding power slides so you keep your speed during awkward flips or weird landings.

  • - For advanced players, you need to work on being smooth and using quick turns. It's one thing to land on all four wheels but it's completely different when you can do this smoothly. You also need to learn quick turns, which you can do by tapping your power slide button to make a quick tight turn without losing any speed. This is very useful to make quick turns and get back on defense faster. 

Tip 4 - Improve Your Defense

This is actually the rarest item in Rocket League,  some say it's the white hat but no it's actually defense. Honestly, there's so much to say about defense, but to make it simple: If you are in the rearmost position, do not hunt for the ball. It is better to stay in goal and defend any shots on goal. The best thing to do is to collect the boost in your field. If you find yourself pushed back between the posts, an old football rule applies: If you save the ball, never do so in the middle, where other opponents could already be lurking to steal. Shoot the leather to the side. If you manage to clear the ball with force into one of the corners of the field, it will ricochet off the board at high speed towards the opponent's half and offer little opportunity for a goal. You should only shoot the ball forward if there is no opponent behind it and you see the chance to initiate such an attack.

Tip 5 - Learn How To Cherry Pick

The last step to ranking up is actually about your offense. Cherry-picking means scoring easy opportunities that are mostly made by other players, the idea of this is to spend most of your time in the midfield waiting for easy opportunities to score rather than attacking and trying to make your own opportunities. You see you gotta remember most Rocket League players are ball chasers, and to play with ball chasers you need to let them ball chase and then you can cherry-pick from their bad gameplay. This doesn't mean waiting for midfield for a pass and then getting mad when they never pass it to you, it also doesn't mean standing still in the midfield waiting for an opportunity. To do this correctly, you need to maintain your speed around the midfield by doing circles or figure weights while picking up small boost pads. In that way, you keep your momentum and can quickly attack and cherry-pick a goal or rush back to defend. It's also important to know that cherry-picked goals usually don't come from passes but rather a rebound from your teammate's failed attempt to score. This is so effective while trying to rank up is that it works well with almost every type of teammate even ball chasers and it always puts you in a position to easily go back and defend if necessary. 

That's about it 5 steps that's all you need to rank up in Rocket League Season 2, you don't have to over complicate it learn flip resets, all you need is to follow these five steps practice them and actually spend a good amount of time doing them. That's it, you'll rank up. 

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